Rusnano Sistema SICAR


Business Description
Rusnano Sistema SICAR is a private equity fund established by Sistema and RUSNANO in 2016. The fund has USD 100m under management. Sistema and RUSNANO hold 50% each in the fund. The partners will allocate cash funds as soon as it becomes necessary to finance specific transactions. The fund is open for outside investors. The average amount of a single investment is USD 3-10m. The fund is focused on investing in initial-stage high-tech projects and in growing and established companies in Russia, the CIS, Europe and Israel. Rusnano Sistema SICAR’s main industrial focus is information technologies, robotics and on-board equipment, software and cloud technologies, communication equipment and end-to-end solutions, renewable sources of energy and energy saving technologies, including fuel cells, microelectronics, automated control systems, special communications systems, and software for comprehensive security systems.